Why We Hired a Chief People Officer

Our First Major Test at GoodVets

As you read in my previous post, my co-founder and I encountered an unexpected obstacle a few years into our startup journey — our company culture was not what we desired. To help solve the problem, we brought on my former colleague, Maureen Joseph, to right the ship. Joining us in summer 2019, here is what Maureen implemented from her first days as Chief People Officer.

Changing the System

Maureen’s first act as CPO was to start the process of defining our organizational Core Values. Who we are and who we want to be. Having these established informs our actions in other areas like:

· Hiring new employees

· Reviewing performance

When recruiting, Maureen can assess if candidates share our values and will succeed in our system. Current employees can clearly see what is expected of them, making for more productive review sessions.

A Structure that Enables

Hospital leaders have the most impact on the culture of their location, so Maureen designed our structure to empower these leaders and increase autonomy at each hospital. This is accomplished through:

· Periodic coaching sessions, rather than micro-managing

· Consistent meetings, check-ins or calls to keep everyone informed

· Constant availability to communicate

Building a transparent relationship between our leadership and each location is essential to GoodVets and this communication is crucial to that.

This is What a Good Culture Looks Like

Since Maureen joined us, we have seen employee turnover drop and toxicity in the workplace disappear. We are better at identifying who will fit into our system and our communication is more effective. Rather than try to solve all the problems of our hospitals, we give them the tools they need to do so on their own.

With the right people in place and our values clearly defined, I’m confident GoodVets now has as positive a culture as any in the veterinary industry.



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Ryan Joseph, Co-Founder & CEO of GoodVets

Ryan co-founded GoodVets in 2016 to radically shift the perception of corporate veterinary medicine and create a best-in-class customer experience.